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In pipe cutter/extractor combination tool


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Manual pipe cutter+manual pipe extractor are special tools for repairing damaged pipes of heat exchanger

Before placing an order, the customer service must be informed of the specifications, materials, expansion process and other relevant information of the pipes to be repaired! Do not place an order directly.

The manual quick internal pipe cutter is customized according to the outer diameter, wall thickness and tube sheet thickness of the tube. It is an ideal tool for cutting metal tubes from the inner wall of the metal tube to the outside with a cutting tool. It has strong stability and high speed, and can be used together with an electric tube expander or an electric drill.

1. Only one corresponding pipe can be cut for one specification.

2. The 13mm electric drill can be used as the power source for copper pipe cutting, and the white steel cutter head can be used.

3. Low speed electric drill should be used as power source for cutting stainless steel pipe, and alloy steel cutter head should be used.

[Applicable scope Φ 10x1~ Φ 38x1】

The pipe extractor is used to replace individual pipes and pull the old pipes out of the pulling hole. Its principle is to use taper thread (taper thread)

Operation steps:

How to pull pipe with pipe extractor+quick internal pipe cutter? Insert the manual internal pipe cutter into the pipe hole, rotate the pipe cutter to complete 360 ° circular cutting, screw the pipe hole into the manual pipe extractor to pull out the pipe, and the operation is completed.

[Scope of application: Φ Various specifications above 10x1]

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