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Hydraulic Tube Expansion Machin
Hydraulic Tube Expansion Machine for Heat Exchangers
Matching use of hydraulic expansion head:
Main technical parameters of equipment:

Tube sheet expansion:

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       Hydraulic tube expander series rapid tube expander is a special expanding equipment for boiler and heat exchanger manufacturing and maintenance. The equipment can be used for reliable expansion of heat exchange tubes of various specifications and materials, especially for expansion of thick tubesheet and large diameter tube heat exchanger. The heat exchanger produced by rapid tube expander has the advantages of uniform tube expansion, safety and reliability, long service life and low failure rate. Moreover, the expansion operation is simple and the expansion speed is fast, which greatly shortens the manufacturing or maintenance time and reduces the shutdown loss of chemical plant, and has high economic benefits.

Hydraulic expansion technology has the following characteristics:

1. The tube sheet with any thickness is expanded evenly at one time.

2. Expansion joint of intermediate tubesheet or multi tubesheet heat exchanger at any depth.

3. Expand internal thread pipe or welded pipe with seam.

4. After expansion, the residual stress is low and it is not easy to produce interstitial corrosion.

5. After expansion, the axial direction of the heat exchange tube does not elongate but shrinks slightly, which is helpful to reduce the operation noise.

6. The inner hole error of the pipe is large, and the diameter of the expansion head can be adjusted properly on site (the maximum grinding allowance of the expansion head is 0.3mm).

7. There is no oil pollution at the expansion joint, and the expansion before welding is not affected.

8. The edge of heat exchanger with tube box can be directly expanded, which is very convenient.

9. Single person can be expanded continuously, 6-8 pipe heads can be expanded every minute.

10. The comprehensive economic benefit has been greatly improved.

Service conditions:

1. Indoor use.

2. The ambient temperature is in the range of - 20 ℃ to 40 ℃.

3. The monthly average maximum relative humidity is not more than 85% and the monthly average temperature is not more than 30 ℃

4. There is no conductive dust and explosive gas around, which can seriously damage the metal box insulation.

Structure and working principle:

The hydraulic pipe expanding machine is mainly composed of hydraulic control system, pressure amplification system, hydraulic pipe expanding control system and automatic water adding system

working principle:

     The hydraulic pump drives the hydraulic oil into the hydraulic control system for pressurization by motor, and sends the pressurized expanding pipe medium to the operating handle through the high-pressure hose, thus realizing the pressure on the expansion joint. The pressure setting is mainly set by the touch screen to set the pressure required by the user. The pressure of the expanding pipe medium is transmitted to the digital to analog conversion module through the transmitter. The pressure value is displayed in the "current pressure value" of the touch screen. When the current pressure value is equal to the set pressure value, the pressure relief system works and the whole expansion process ends.

    The hydraulic expansion technology of liquid bag type uses the principle of pressurization to produce the super high pressure expansion pressure which can make the heat exchange pipe produce plastic deformation. The pressure acts on the inner wall of the heat exchange pipe through elastic liquid bag, which causes the plastic deformation of the heat exchange pipe, and then expands into the hole of the tube plate due to interference with the tube plate. The expansion process is very simple by using the hydraulic expanding machine and hydraulic expander provided by Zhouhui of Changzhou. After the pipe is inserted into the tube plate, the expanding head is inserted into the proper position in the pipe hole, and the pressure rising button of expansion operation handle is pressed. The expanding machine can automatically complete the expanding process of pressure, pressure maintaining and pressure relief according to the set expanding pressure.

    In summary: the liquid bag expander is a kind of hydraulic expansion pipe expander, which belongs to the flexible expansion process.
matters needing attention

    1. When external power supply is connected, the phase line and neutral line must be distinguished, and wrong connection is strictly prohibited, otherwise the equipment will be electrified, causing unnecessary losses.

    2. The water in the water tank must reach the rated water level, otherwise the supercharger will be damaged.

    3. The connection between high-pressure hose and valve block must be installed firmly to avoid falling off during high-pressure operation and causing accidents.

    4. It is forbidden for the operator to ask the machine to carry out pressure boosting instruction before the expansion head is inserted into the pipe hole correctly.

    5. In order to avoid the accident of the axial fracture of the expansion head and the rush out along the tube hole, no one is allowed to stand at the other end of the heat exchanger during the expansion process.

    6. At the end of each shift, clean the debris on site and the surface of equipment. Cut off the power before you leave.